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The intersection of AI and Humanities
In this episode of CurryUpStartup podcast, TechNotch Solutions'  CEO, Swathi Young, shares insights on what inspires her, the future of AI and a fun rapid-fire round. Swathi speaks about the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and humanities and why it is important to focus on it as we lay the foundation of AI applications for future generations. She touches upon balancing her life as a mother of a 3-year-old and her enterprising ventures. Listen here -
The Ethics of AI in Business 
In this episode of Jim Stroud's podcast, TechNotch Solutions'  CEO, Swathi Young, explores the future of work and what ethics in Artificial Intelligence means in the business context. She also discussed the part ethics plays in artificial intelligence; especially in relation to autonomous vehicles and facial recognition.
With the possibility of bias in AI, how can we safeguard the public from the potential harm of predictive policing?
How can job seekers complain about algorithmic discrimination when they are unaware it even exists?
And just what is Explainable AI?” Should companies be for or against it?
Listen here -
Host of Cracking the AI Code Show
From March 2019 to September 2019, Swathi Young, CEO of TechNotch Solutions, hosted a segment of the Radio Show -"The Workforce Show". The segment called "Cracking the AI Code" focused on leaders in the Artificial Intelligence space, their journey into AI and advice for folks who want to get into AI, Machine learning or Data Science. 
Here are some of the episodes from that show:
Listen to how Princess Aliyah uses AI and drones to save animals from Extinction in African Safari
In this episode, Mallesh Murugesan, the founder of Abeyon, talks about his journey into AI 
Nisha brings the STEAM into STEM by combining her Arts and Communications background with AI
Brave New Entrepreneurs 
As part of experimenting with the world of Podcasts, Swathi Young, the CEO of TechNotch Solutions, recorded a series of episodes on braving the world of entrepreneurship and Startups.
Listen to the inspirational stories of entrepreneurs launching their first startup - the trials and tribulations of finding co-founders, team members, and venture capital funding.
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