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AI Organizations, Vaccines, and Light Bulbs

For those of you who haven't read our "Tech Tempo Tuesday" newsletter, here are some highlights. These are hand-curated stories about what is happening in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Building the AI-Powered Organization 

AI is estimated to bring $13 trillion to the global economy over the next ten years, yet, only 8% of companies are engaging in a widespread integration of AI. Even in this 8%, most of these companies are only running pilots or using it in a single process. There are many areas where leaders are making mistakes during the implementation of AI. Though, researchers have compiled three major shifts that leaders must be ready to accomplish to scale up accordingly. Companies must be willing to allow for interdisciplinary collaboration, data-driven decisions on the front-line, and flexible, experimentation approach towards adaptation. Though, the question to be raised is how will these shifts have to be bend and adapt to each individual company. 

An AI "Vaccine" Can Block Adversarial Attacks 

One of the major weaknesses of AI currently is the ability to deflect adversarial attacks carried out by hackers. These cyber attacks confuse AI to misinterpret data and cause the algorithms to go haywire. Though, researchers have now found a way to train algorithms to be ready for hackers. By introducing the AIto small distortions, it gives it the ability to be more immune and flexible to adversarial attacks that may come it's way. Though the question to be raised is, are these "vaccines" designed to continuously evolve? 

These New Smart Lightbulbs Can Beam Data Through Light 

These lightbulbs are taking IoT to the next level by streaming data through light instead of traditional wifi. Li-Fi, the name of these lightbulbs, transmits data through a bulb transceiver and USB key at around 150 Mbps. The limited range and ability to cut down the radio frequency spectrum give this product high hopes of being applicable in offices and security. Though, the question to be raised as to what measures would you have to go to to protect it from hackers? 

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