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Analytics, Robots, and the Weather

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Here is a list of curated AI articles for this week.

Drag-and-Drop Data Analytics  Similar to how Iron Man uses touchscreens to bring data to life, MIT and Brown University researchers have developed a touchscreen data system. The system, named Northstar, works by feeding datasets to the machine to extract at the touch of the screen. Big data is one of the largest needs for modern-day business. How could you see this tool revolutionizing a company's competitive advantage? 

Social Robots Can Benefit Hospitalized Children  MIT researchers recently tested a group of hospitalized children in Boston. Researchers used a robotic teddy bear, named Huggable, to bring companionship and hospital needs through technology. The study found that the children who used the social robot for companionship were more likely to move around and have a positive attitude. Social robots have been on the rise recently for healthcare needs, though, the needs of each group researched have been different. Can you see these types of robots being helpful for all health groups eventually? 

Using Artificial Intelligence to Better Predict Severe Weather  During the past week, storms have been crazy in the DC area! Though, meteorologists could now have an easier way to detect these storms with the use of machine learning. Penn State and University of Almeria researchers have developed a machine learning linear classifier that helps detect movements in clouds that could be missed. This development could help meteorologists get a warning on potential storms in the face of quick deadlines and changing weather patterns. How could you see this technology being useful? Would you trust it to detect potentially dangerous storms? 

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