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Apple's robot Daisy,Walmart's use of Blockchain and high salaries of AI researchers!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

In this week’s interesting tech stories, I introduce to you Daisy, a robot recycler for Apple. In other news, those of you who are enthusiastic about learning AI have good news since their incomes are sky-rocketing. And if you want to really find out if the organic fruit you bought at Walmart is really produced organically - they have an answer - Blockchain.

Daisy is Apple’s new robots that eats iPhones and spits our recyclable parts 

Apple’s new robot helps save the environment. A two-minute journey through a robotnamed Daisy, renders a smartphone into recyclable materials.Daisy addresses many needs for Apple—from sustainability to secrecy—but its explicit purpose is to separate the phone into discrete parts, which the company can send out for processing by its partners. With the advent of the electric cars, there is an increased need for materials like Cobalt and some of this recycling process helps. 

Walmart is getting suppliers to put food on Blockchain to track. 

We all would like to know where the produce we buy at the grocery store comes from. Walmart recently made an announcement, at the MIT Technology Review’s business of Blockchain conference, that it is ready to use Blockchain. In collaboration with IBM’s Blockchain platform, Walmart is getting suppliers to put food on the Blockchain, that will help reduce waste as well as improve contamination management. This also reduces the time to track produce from six days to two seconds. 

A.I. Researchers Are Making More Than $1 Million, Even at a Nonprofit

Tax filing by the AI research lab, Open AI, has made public the staggering salaries of AI researchers. This is a typical case of supply and demand - companies want to work with AI experts and there are not many people who are working on researching the technology like neural networks. Most of these experts seem to move between Google, Apple, Tesla and OpenAI. Although OpenAI cannot outmatch the stock options of the tech giants, there is one thing that OpenAI offers - values and ethics of building AI products. 

Other interesting stories:

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