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Is Google's new voice assistant creepy? You can now clear your Facebook history and other stories.

While Amazon focussed on flooding everyone's homes with  Alexa, looks like Google's strategy is to focus on small businesses. We speculated about Facebook and their privacy policy and soon enough they have made it possible for us to control our history to some extent. While LAPD might be happy with the new policing algorithm, there are questions of ethics that need to be considered.

Google’s Latest Updates to Its Assistant Are Creepy—and Exactly What We Asked For I remember watching the movie "Her" in awe and envisioning a startup product similar to the talking OS. Last week we saw the unveiling of Google's voice assistant that booked a hair appointment. People took to social media to show their disdain as well as question the ethics around robocalls. Would the voice assistant declare that it is a bot? By emulating human "hmms" and "ahs" is the robotic voice trying to deceive the person on the other end? The thing about new AI applications is that they are cool until the question of ethics is raised! 

Facebook announces ‘clear history’ tool for everything you’ve clicked on When Facebook faced the quizzing by government officials we were concerned about our data that we had there. Now you can rest assured. Facebook announced a "clear history" tool that is in progress that lets you clear your preferences and all of your history. We will have to wait and watch to test it out. 

The LAPD’s Terrifying Palantir-Powered Policing Algorithm Was Just Uncovered and Yes It’s Basically ‘Minority Report’ We are familiar with garbage-in and garbage-out. What we should now worry about is that the output of an AI application is only as good as the data that it is being fed. Some of the policing algorithms that the LAPD are using provides a list of people deemed most likely to commit a crime. If you haven't already guessed it, this continues to disproportionately increase the likelihood of arrests of minorities. The data that the algorithm uses has past offenses and arrests information and inadvertently causes this issue.   Other stories that you might find interesting: Amazon-Go stores head to two more cities  Facebook creates a mysterious Blockchain division Google and Levi's smart jacket is here and it has no wires!

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