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Facebook "Like" button creator, How Wolves Change rivers and can AI solve deforestation?

This week of tech trends picks range from the creator of the Facebook “Like” button to a fascinating video about how wolves change rivers. “How Wolves Change Rivers” is about the unintended, unimaginable and fantastic consequence of releasing wolves back into nature. Isn’t technology similar? We live in an era where we cannot imagine the impact of technology on our future. We have some good guesses and speculations but are there enough measures being taken to reduce the impact?

Facebook “Like” button creator says we are wasting our lives on social media This weekend I watched the movie, Ready Player One, which is about people living in a virtual game world and less in the real world. I think we already are doing it, except without the VR headset! It got me thinking about how as technologists we are sometimes more focused on building awesome products and less aware of its impact. The creator of the “Like” Facebook button, Justin Rosenstein, says “The problem is that we’re wasting all our time in life, wasting all our time focusing on the wrong things.”   Is this why there is an increased awareness of mindfulness everywhere? Where can we focus on the preciousness of the present moments instead of the rush of getting 10 Facebook Likes? How Wolves Change Rivers – this video makes you realize the power of nature This video is brilliant on multiple levels – it is well shot and the narrator has a forceful voice but at the heart of it is the message itself. Wolves, when introduced into Yellowstone national park, changed the course of the rivers and stopped soil erosion. The indirect jolt it gave to nature is synonymous to the fourth industrial revolution, which we are all experiencing. Yes, Facebook helped bring together multiple diverse communities like the relations between Arabs and Israelis but we also know the recent events that have turned the tide the other way. Should we let nature take its course or should we control the technology innovations in a better manner? Can Artificial Intelligence save the forests and prevent climatic catastrophe? Despite the fact that we are afraid that AI bots would take away our jobs, according to the World Economic Forum, there are 7 Billion human problems that AI is not addressing. But, there is hope. Since most deforestation is due to illegal activity, a new nonprofit startup, Rainforest connection, is using a complex web of sensors for logging information. The question is logging information might provide damage control measures, what about corrective action?

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