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WEF's surprising research, Sergey Brin's warning about AI and the latest Blockchain platform.

In preparation of the Blockchain event next week, I am seeing all things Blockchain in the news. However, there are other interesting stories in emerging technologies even as companies are moving quickly to become GDPR compliant. I was surprised by the research published by the World Economic Forum about investments in emerging technologies across a variety of industries as was the news about Oracle's announcement of the new Blockchain platform. (does anyone remember their non-acceptance of Cloud a decade ago?) World Economic Forum's report on how to get the most out of your investments in emerging technologies

I was pleasantly surprised to note that investments in the Internet of Things led the surge, with other technologies like Mobile/Social, Cognitive, and Robotics trailing behind it. Productivity gains are three times higher when using a combination of all the technologies. What is important is the human factor that makes it all possible. Having an Agile and digital mindset is a must to achieve a high ROI. 

Google’s Sergey Brin warns of the threat from AI in today’s ‘technologyrenaissance’  Charles Dickens once wrote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". Google's Sergey Brin uses it as an analogy to the advancements in AI we are experiencing today. While we can appreciate the beneficial use cases like disease diagnosis or discovering new planets, questions about the ethical uses of AI needs to be further discussed. It was interesting to note that there was no mention of Google's involvement in helping Pentagon with their military applications. 

Oracle to launch its blockchain platform this month  Oracle's foray into Blockchain looks more like a competitive move rather than a strategic one. Remember the time when Larry Ellison actually mocked Cloud applications a decade ago? Don't get me wrong, I actually worked for Oracle for over 10 years. But, I do feel the company has not kept up with the market trends in the enterprise applications space. Their applications might get the job done but they are not user-friendly and are complex to implement.    Other stories that you might find interesting: Massive virtual reality theme park opens in China Welsh Police Used Face Scanning Software That Incorrectly Flagged Thousands Blockchain may power future elections, but it’s no silver bullet for fraud

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