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How 5 enterprises use digital TRANSFORMATION for disruption.

1. Have you seen the Dominos Pizza advertisement where you can order a pizza via the apple watch or through emoticon on your iPhone app or just tweet to them and the order would be placed. How cool is that?Dominos was not the most favorite pizza a few years back. But that is changing. The temptation of ordering a pizza with the touch of an emoticon is too good to resist. Not to forget the cool and wow! factor.

This is what Dennis Maloney, Domino’s chief digital officer has to say :"It tells the younger generation that we’re not the Domino’s of 50 years ago but that we’re fast and innovative and are experimenting and doing what it takes to give them the best pizza experience. It’s important for the brand halo."

2. Starbucks has once again risen like a Phoenix. It has the Starbucks app that everyone loves – you order on the go and it prompts the nearest Starbucks location and even gives you an ETA. They have never-imagined-before wireless charging built into the tables. Now you need not worry about that forgotten charger! It just doesn’t stop there. It signed a deal with Spotify to power in-store music, and actually put people in control of what’s being played, has started to explore local coffee delivery for people ordering through the app, and partnered with Lyft and The New York Times for loyalty points sharing and content distribution, respectively.No wonder someone called it 

“the portal to the future”.

3. The 177 year-old company John Deere is not what comes to mind when you think of technology innovation. But the company's new agricultural equipment is capable of planting the best seed in the best sub-inch of land available -- without a human operator -- is changing that perception. Mano Mannoochahr, director of enterprise architecture, information management and computer security at John Deere says “The world population is predicted to increase 40% by 2050; farmers have to provide more visibility to oversight committees such as the environmental protection agency, so we're revaluating and thinking how to best connect."

4. The Schindler Group, a global manufacturer of elevators and escalators is a 141-year-old business using the Internet of Things to perform critical business operations.Their real-time maintenance system connects sensor technology with mobile applications, for the company's more than 20,000 field workers. If a machine goes offline, sensors send an alert to a central dispatch, where the next course of action is automatically decided, including assigning and even prioritizing the work to a technician in the area. "Our products have sensors installed that can measure, for example, temperature and speed,” explains, Michael Nilles, CIO at Schindler. “We collect this data over an electronic controller and send it to our back-end platform. From there, the data is analyzed and delivered to technicians in the field via a mobile app.” Watch this cool video on Apple’s website -

5.The 114 year-old pharmacy, Walgreens is adopting digital to make a difference in patients’ health and well-being. They use their 82 million active members in their Balance Rewards Program to not just order prescriptions but for tracking and recording the health information. This includes a reward for adopting a healthy lifestyle. They have also launched a digital coaching program in partnership with WebMD. Over 80,000 now access third-party data, like the data from PatientsLikeMe, through their dashboard, and more than 40 million new patients have gained access to Walgreens prescription refill service via a third party app that uses Walgreens’ API.“Now you can earn points for various activities from walking and running to recording blood pressure and blood glucose readings. Over 800,000 patients and customers have joined since launch and nearly 2 billion points have been awarded free of charge for these behavior changes.”says Walgreens President Alex Gourlay. “Over all, the Walgreens app is the third-most downloaded retail app in the United States and the number one brick and mortar pharmacy app.” he said.

This is an original post written by me in Tuesday Tech Tempo series. Do contact us if you want any additional topics to be covered or what you think of digital adoption in your industry.  (PS: Prizes for guessing which movie the quote "Toto, ....." is from :) ) 


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