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Richard Dawkins and tech, emerging tech predictions and wifi extenders.

These are exciting times. While tech is enabling us to buy, travel and experience with a click of a button, it is also a scary vision of how this will impact our lives and society in the near future. The good news is that we can change the drastic results by getting involved early. Today I present to you Wired's interesting tech predictions, Google's internal video showcasing an unsettling vision of social engineering and how you can extend your wifi with mesh networks.


I’ve always been a Richard Dawkins' fan and agree with a lot of his philosophies and theories. But I never imagined the Selfish gene-meme to be adapted by Google’s vision of what the future might look like when data can be used to manipulate user behavior. Although Google’s states that this is only used for debates to generate interesting ideas and not a product by itself, I beg to differ. We already receive many notifications of suggestions and recommendations (example, Waze notifications for restaurants nearby) and this can be slightly extended to include 3D printed products to bridge the data gaps.  If you have the patience, do watch the video and let me know what you think. 

Wired’s predictions of Bots, Blockchain and more 

As the future of tech is accelerating towards us, you might find it interesting to look at some of these predictions. What is even more important (especially as technologists) is to get ahead of the curve in learning and implementing some of them. This list showcases how cyber attacks will take over power grids and control systems, retail stores converting into warehouses, the use of gene-editing technology to detect cancer cells, robot trucks becoming popular, VR will change the way we work and how the Internet, as we know it, is going to be rebuilt with Blockchain. And the most frightening of them all - how we will share our emotions online for the exchange of free online stuff. (we already do it for email, storage on the cloud, searches and music.) 

Comcast’s Xfi Pods turn power sockets into a mesh Wi-Fi network There is a growing trend of free wifi on the road and wifi mesh networks. Now, Comcast has joined this race by introducing xfi pods that can extend the reach of your network at your home or office. As we are hearing about smart cities, smart homes and smart buildings, free wifi would become even more ubiquitous than today. So far mesh networks have been typically used for natural disaster areas where chaining routers together into a mini Wi-Fi network can provide a secure and low-cost connection. As cell phone data plans are expensive and most free “wifi” are spotty, there is an increasing demand for solutions such as these. 

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