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Smart data in murder trial, rapper who teaches AI and should Facebook have a start over button?

As we are all eagerly awaiting Zuckerberg’s testimonial on Capitol Hill, the question on top of our minds is “Is the solution to this confusion banning social media?” I would think it would be wiser to hold a competition (similar to a hackathon) and curate solutions to this problem or like one investor suggested to have a “start over” button. Other stories include using Apple watch data for a murder trial in Australia and a fun way to learn AI (through Rap!!!). Apple Watch heart rate data used as evidence in Australian murder trial

 In a murder trial in Australia, data collected from an Apple watch, which was worn by the victim, has been used to confirm the time of death.  Health monitoring devices record our heartbeat, our sleep patterns and the steps we have taken. This data is now being used for various other purposes that we could have never imagined. Raises the question of can we envision various use cases when we build a technology product? Both good and bad. Whom should we involve in the discussion about future uses?

Should Regulators Force Facebook To Ship a “Start Over” Button For Users? While the debate about controlling social media or regulating technology continues, Hunter Walk of the investor firm, Homebrew, suggests a start over button. Using this button, users can control the data – they can delete their entire history, a specific set of data or even star over afresh. Other suggestions I have heard involve having a regulatory body like FTC or FCC for technology companies. Yet another recommendation was to have technologists take an oath similar to the Hippocratic oath, that physicians take. I would like to think that curating from the best of minds by holding a “hackathon” like competition would also give the public a chance for collaboration. The bottom-line is there are no right answers and this will continue to be a complex as well as a complicated problem to solve not just for social media apps but other emerging technologies as users continue to adopt them. Solve AI or Die Trying With the increased adoption of AI, most of us are scrambling to find resources to learn some of the fundamentals, tools, and techniques. Enter Siraj Raval, whose youtube videos on AI are fun, informative, educational and just fantastic to learn while you can still become an early adopter. My favorites are “How to Start an AI Startup”  and Learn Python for Data Science #1. Other resources if you are looking to learn AI fundamentals are listed here. Other interesting stories: Twitter briefly shut down @Bitcoin, sparking wild conspiracy theories Winners Of The 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards “Do you trust this computer” AI must-watch documentary produced by Elon Musk

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