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Tech Tempo Tuesday Newsletter #25

In the past week, there's been a large conversation surrounding Artificial Intelligence in the grand scheme of things. From its importance in modern day society to policy changes, AI has been a mainstream topic this past week. In this week's Tech Tempo Tuesday, we will be delving deeper into some of these AI changes. Lastly, if you would like to see more updates and stories from TechNotch Solutions, connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter. On these platforms we post more opportunities to engage with emerging technologies and trends! 

AI: The Technology Penicillin of the 21st Century 

Over the course of the last week, the second annual IBM THINK conference occurred in San Francisco. This year the conference focused largely on AI and technology. Here we will be recapping some of the highlights from the conference! The major discussion revolved around data and the competitive advantage it presents to companies. They also focused on the relations between the people running AI and it's impacts on making AI be able to support people better. Lastly, the conference placed a high emphasis on AI providing support in improving processes and healthcare. The article goes as far as to say AI is the modern day technology penicillin that is here to make the world better. The question to keep in mind is how AI impacts our every day life even now. 

Trump Orders Federal Agencies to "Prioritize AI"

According to Wired, the President will be signing an order this week called the American AI Initiative. The initiative is designed to allocate more federal resources to developing AI more. The order is said to ask for five key pillars to focus on including: setting ethical guidelines, prioritizing development, creating fellowships, opening federal databases, and cross-national collaborating. The US is not the only country to recently start placing more emphasis on AI. Countries such as South Korea and China have all started to make their own marks in this new industry. Though, the question remains to what long-term development impact will these have on the race towards AI. 

Microsoft's President Met with the Pope to Talk About Ethical AI

A week ago Brad Smith, Microsoft's President, met with the Pope in the effort to create a joint sponsorship for a prize for AI researchers. The prize is designed for researchers to develop AI that is ethical and responsible for the greater good. These discussions and prizes are following the trend in AI to bring more emphasis on the topic. With the advancements of AI being so rapid nowadays, the discussions on creating ethical ground rules are needed more than ever before. From these conversations, where can you see the ground rules for ethical AI going? 

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