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The A-Z of Mobile App Development

Inspired by this awesome article of Jake Sorofman, the Vice President of Research at Gartner, I decided to introduce the A, B, Cs of the world of mobile application development. If you find any other interesting words to add to this glossary, please send it our way. A – is for iterate, deliver and fail fast Agile methodology B – is for Branding, which a mobile app will help you achieve         C – is for Cross-platform, ensuring apps work on multiple devices D – is for Design, ensuring that it is intuitive for customers E – is for Enterprise Apps.  for employees on the go F - is for Features, the most important aspect of the Mobile App G – is for Geo-Fencing, a powerful feature using GPS to create virtual geographical barriers H – is for Hybrid-Apps –only one set of code to work on any type of device I  - is for Interactive, which is how successful apps are designed     J – is for Jelly Bean, a version of Android mobile software (no, you won’t be eating those) K – is for Keychain, a secure way of storing data on multiple apple devices L – is for Location based Services that helps in connecting services/products to the user in its vicinity  M- MDM – is for Mobile device mgmt., used by enterprises to manage devices securely. N – is for Native App, which is code written separately for the type of device (iPhone, android or windows) O – is for Over-the-air (OTA), a download that initiates over a wireless broadband connection from a mobile device P – is for Personas, the specifics of the users who would be using the apps Q – is for Questionnaire, that helps in understanding enterprise mobile needs  R – is for Responsive to ensure that the mobile apps are compatible with any device size S – is for Strategy for enterprises to ensure high returns and low TCO T – is for Tap, the default behavior for a mobile app U- is for Unique mobile design that will ensure you stay ahead of competition V – is for Visual, that is importance for any mobile app development W – is for Wireframe, the foundational design that represent how the app will be built  

X – is for Xperience (ok, I cheated) that drives any UX/UI design elements of mobile development

Y – is for YYYY the format used in coding to represent the year Z – is for Zoom, the behavior on mobile that has to be considered while designing your mobile app.


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