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The Crazy Inventions of AI!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Good Morning! I hope you all stayed COOL this weekend and enjoyed the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11! 

We had an amazing event last week on "Explainable AI" and if you did not make it to the event, no worries. Here is a detailed overview of the discussion - . There is also a short video you can enjoy -

IBM Unveils New "Electronic Tongue" to Taste and Identify Liquids  The idea of an "electronic tongue" isn't new. There have been many other models that can test the water or expensive wines. However, most are either portable for one use or stationary and able to test multiple products. IBM has now created an "electronic tongue" that can be both versatile and portable. The tongue works by resting against a glass, reading the molecules, and then sending those readings to an AI that interprets it for users. Though, the question to be raised is how could this be applicable to day-to-day life? 

This AI is Helping Scientists Develop Invisibility Cloaks  Creating an invisibility cloak is going further than just the magic of Harry Potter! Researchers in South Korea are now experimenting with AI to create the metamaterial needed for invisibility. Could you see yourself using an invisibility cloak in the near future? 

How to Tame "Automation Sprawl"  Automation sprawl refers to the multiple different tools and processes used in automating data. However, with the rise of automation, many have started to realize the overlap of different systems in place. Therefore, MIT fellow, Thomas H. Davenport, points out the need for companies to consolidate their automation processes. By consolidating into one main system or buying one system, it allows for more consistency amongst the automation. Can you see the need for consolidation in any automation stories you know?  More Cool Reads!  Musk Wants to Link Human Brains with Machines to 'Stop the AI apocalypse'  Rubik's Cube Proves AI Isn't Always Best at Computational Tasks  Instagram uses 'AI Intervention' to Counter Bullying 

Did you tune in to CurryUp Startup last week? If not, you should! From my personal journey to where I am today to balancing work and raising my three-year-old, this podcast delves further into AI and everything in between here

Until Next Week,  Adios  Swathi 

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