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Vaccines, Decisions, and Swole in AI!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Before we dive in though, I would like to invite you all to listen to CurryupStartup. They are a podcast series hosted by Priyanka Komala that focuses on stories of Asian entrepreneurs. I got the opportunity to speak about things that I generally don't talk about. From my personal journey to where I am today to balancing work and raising my three-year-old. I hope you all tune in here

First Human Drug Developed Solely by AI is a Vaccine  The first drug developed by AI has had promising effects on creating a new flu vaccine. Smart Algorithms for Medical Discovery (SAM) is the AI that used chemical compound information to create the vaccine. The vaccine is now in the midst of clinical trials before being released to the public. Could you see AI being an effective part of creating new drugs? 

What AI-Driven Decision Making Looks Like  Harvard Business Review takes a deeper look into what data is, how it applies to decision making and the importance of AI. HBR also points out the importance for businesses to use AI and human processing.  The shift from data-driven to AI-driven processing won't happen overnight, but they do stress the importance of making the shift. What are your thoughts on switching to AI-driven processing? 

This "Artificial Muscle" is 60 Times Stronger than a Human One  Are you this swole? Scientists have now created a new artificial muscle that can lift more than 60 times that of a human! All by coiling common fibers like bamboo and silk together. The idea is that these new muscles can be used to replace prosthetic limbs or performance clothes. What other ways could you see this technology being used? 

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