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Where does AI stand today?

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

In this week's newsletter, we will be delving into some hot topics about where AI is headed. Before we dive in though, did you know we have great opportunities to get involved? Follow us MeetUp and on our social media (@technotchsolutions and @swathiyoung)! 

7 Types of Artificial Intelligence  AI continues to be one of the greatest potentials for future growth, yet, it is also one of the least tapped. Forbes has broken down the seven types of AI that exist based on its closeness to human function. From this, AI can be broken down into four systems: reactive, limited memory, the theory of mind, and self-aware.  AI can further be broken down into the level of learning it can do including Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, and Artificial Super Intelligence. Though, the question to be raised is, if these are the seven types of AI, where can we continue growing this field? Which type lacks the most improvement? 

A Neural Net Used a Viral Meme to Learn to Navigate  Do you remember the viral "Mannequin Challenge" of 2016? The one where you played "Black Beatle" and held a pose for as long as possible. Well, that challenge could now be helping further scientific research! Google AI builders have taught a neural net to see depth perception and figure out how to move around that area. What an amazing application!

How Conversational Artificial Intelligence is Providing Companionship to the Elderly  Fighting loneliness by teaching future generations? Accenture has now developed an app- like-device called Memory Lane that can do just this. By asking the elderly about their life it helps to promote interaction while also turning these memories and advice into books and podcasts. With the estimates for society's average age to continue to increase, can you see this product being a solution to curing loneliness? 

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