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TechNotch Solutions provides executives the understanding of how to use AI to solve their business problems that gives them the competitive edge in the marketplace.


We use state-of-art machine learning, supervised and unsupervised algorithms to solve industry problems.


We also offer advisory services to gain insights into AI landscape, the vendors you can use and all the strategic plans required to disrupt your industry. 


We provide in-depth market research in AI for the C-suite, industry experts and business managers.

Meet The Team

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Swathi Young, Founder & Chief Digital Strategist

In her 20+ years of technology experience, she has led over 100+ projects globally - Belgium, India and the United States across e-commerce, supply chain, Hi-tech and financial sectors. Swathi is passionate about using cutting edge, artificial intelligence technologies to increase the performance of organizations. She believes that the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and humanities is important to focus on as we lay the foundation of AI applications for future generations. She is currently researching the ethical implications of biased data in AI applications and is a leading speaker about the ethical design of Artificial Intelligence applications. Her forte lies in connecting the dots between business strategy and technology solutions.



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Sagar Dayal

Head of Business Development 


Marie Kruger

Senior Datascientist

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Tiffany Dawson

Marketing Specialist

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